• BOS IV Tank System

    BOS IV Tank System

    A Closed Loop Drill Fluid & Drill Solids Management System
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The BOS Tank System IV, a more operationally focused version of the BOS III tank, was developed to meet the needs of operations that did not require the complete flexibility of the BOS III tank. The construction of the tank’s height was reduced to cater to those markets with road height restrictions.

  • Three compartmental 216 bbl (34.3m3) flocculation tank with independent piping
  • A double hydraulically raised centrifuge stand
  • Polymer mixing and injection system
  • Shipping height dimensions are 2’2” ( .7 m) less then the BOS III Tank System

BOS IV Tank System Specifications

Advantages Water Based Applications Oil Based Applications
  • Eliminates the need for reserve pits
  • Easily adapts to manage a wide variety
    of fluid types and process requirements
  • Single load transportation for most applications
  • Minimal footprint, fast rig up, easily adapted to drill rig configurations
  • Hydraulic, dual centrifuge platform and safe stair system to eliminate the need for fall protection
  • 3 Cell, high volume tank provides flexibility in fluid management
  • No crane or picker required on rig moves
  • Highly efficient clear water drilling and dewatering system
  • Integrated dual variable speed polymer/ chemical injection system maximizes process rate and minimizes chemical consumption
  • Optimizes drill fluid volume requirements and minimizes fluid and chemical waste
  • Easily adaptable to flocculation, air section dewatering, spent mud dewatering and barite recovery
  • Easily converts from water based to oil based drill fluid applications
  • Efficient process for simultaneously drying drill cuttings, barite recovery while maintaining accurate management of fluid density and low gravity solids
  • Drill cuttings processing requires minimal equipment addition of a slurry tank, transfer pump and cuttings sizing unit
Specifications Shipping Dimensions
( L x W x H )
Working Dimensions
( L x W x H )
Shipping Weight
  • 1 - 216 bbl (34.3 M3) 9 Cell flocculation tank
  • 2 - 20 bbl (3.2 M3) Polymer injection tanks
  • Easy access, pump area containing centrifuge
    feed pumps and polymer injection pumps
42’ 3” x 12’ 6” x 9’ 4”
12.9 m x 3.8 m x 2.9 m
47’ 3” x 12’ 6” x 17.1’
14.4 m x 3.8 m x 5.2 m
BOS IV Tank only BOS 20 Centrifuge BOS 40 Centrifuge
33,000 lb
14,969 kg
A 6,000 lb
A 2,722 kg
A 12,000 lb
A 5,443 kg
  D 7,500 lb
D 3,402 kg
T 10,500 lb
T 4,763 kg

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