Safety is Our Priority – Always.

These aren’t just words on a piece of paper, rather our roadmap to HSE success and a foundation to our organizations success. The safety and well-being of all BOS personnel at each BOS location is a top priority. HSE is a core value at BOS Solutions and part of our Vision and Values.

Safety is not the responsibility of a single individual or team within the organization, it is a truly a partnership amongst all of the employees working at BOS. No task or activity is so important or urgent that it cannot be performed in a safe and responsible manner. To drive HSE success, we have developed a safety-first culture supported by procedures, policies and standards to ensure each of our team members understand our expectations which will help ensure they are able to complete their shift in the same physical condition in which they arrived.

Our team members are provided with all of the tools needed to perform each task safely. Some of these tools include best-in-class training, web based applications for hazard identification, risk assessments and trending. We have also developed standard operating procedures to ensure tasks are consistently completed in a safe manner.

However, the most important tool we are able to provide to our team is the Executive Commitment to a Safe Workplace. If a task has been evaluated that anyone of our team members deem to be unsafe, they have been instructed to immediately stop the work with full support from the entire Executive Team at BOS.

Our commitment to society and the environment is clearly a paramount priority at BOS as reducing waste and minimizing trucking is a primary service offered by BOS to our clientele. In addition to our service, our operations on site are done with caution to avoid spills and minimal environmental impact.



BOS Solutions will be the most technically and operationally competent provider of closed loop drilling systems and liquid solids separation solutions, benefiting the environment.

Our mission is to deliver efficient on-site drilling waste management to the upstream oil and gas sector utilizing innovative equipment and processes in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Health, Safety, and Environment

BOS will protect the health and safety of our employees. No activity is more important than ensuring that effective measures are in place to protect our employees and those who work with us. BOS Solutions also strives to minimize its environmental impact and to protect the environment utilizing our technology and best operational practices.


The success of BOS is wholly dependent on the people we employ. We are committed to the development of personnel and we will maintain a work environment that is reflective of our core values; teamwork, integrity, openness, trust and respect for the individual.

Quality / Reliability

We are committed to a quality system that will ensure the delivery of products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Customer Focus

The profitability of BOS is directly related to BOS meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.


BOS is committed to the strategic growth of a sustainable business while maintaining discipline to our core values.