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    From agricultural projects to removing fly ash in power generation, BOS Solutions offers the right solutions to meet your needs.

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BOS Solutions offers a complete range of environmental and waste management services to support our customers in the industrial markets. Our experience and technical knowledge spans industries such as agriculture, refining, mining, manufacturing, power generation and much more. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with clean and reliable environmental solutions to their waste problems.

Our equipment and personnel are here to help you manage your projects waste stream and reduce costs associated with waste disposal. The result of our services and solutions allows us to reduce liquid and slurried waste volumes to produce dry stackable solids that can be hauled in dump trucks and clean reusable water that can be safely disposed on site or in a drainage system. This environmentally friendly approach equates to less traffic on your work site and major cost savings, due to the reduction in waste removed from the site by vacuum trucks.

BOS systems are unique due to their flexible design and their ability to adapt a wide variety of waste types and process requirements. Our equipment is portable and scalable, allowing us to accommodate the largest projects while maintaining a small footprint at your facility.



In the refining market we offer service and solutions for tank cleaning / tank bottom sludge cleaning, and waste pit cleaning for processing liquid and sludge into dry stackable solids and clean fluid that can be recycled. BOS Solutions has also helped our customers during plant turnarounds, giving us valuable insight and the ability to efficiently identify a project’s unique variables to solve the most difficult problems.



We have developed environmentally friendly waste management solutions to deal with the most challenging tailing pond dewatering projects. By effectively removing sludge and suspended solids, BOS extends the life of the tailings ponds and reduces the waste volume removed from site through effective waste management. This reduces ongoing project costs and eliminates liquid waste disposal volumes and the associated disposal costs.



We have found great success in helping our customers implement waste management systems to remove heavy metals during the manufacturing process. BOS Solutions has also partnered with customers on pond dewatering, pond reclamation, and lime sludge dewatering, giving us unique insight and experience with these types of projects.


Power Generation

BOS Solutions offers a proven patented system to mitigate waste produced by the power generation process. We provide environmentally friendly solutions to remove coal ash, fly ash and bottom ash from ponds and transform it into a dry stackable solids for cost effective disposal and transportation. We understand the increase visibility of projects concerning coal ash ponds and are here to offer our assistance. Our dewatering process will give back clean water that may be placed back into ponds or released without impact.

BOS Solutions is known for our unique approach to problem solving, in-house engineering support, and well-trained people dedicated to project execution.