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    Municipal & Utility Applications

    BOS Solutions understands the critical environmental demands placed on municipal projects to protect the communities we live and operate in.

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BOS Solutions has proven to be a reliable partner and service provider in municipal settings for disaster relief and waste water management, providing cost effective and environmentally friendly dewatering solutions. We have had great success in sand recovery projects, digester clean out, lagoon dewatering, and lagoon discharge mitigation. Our approach is focused on reducing disposal costs, by reducing or eliminating vacuum trucks and the associated transportation costs, and the recycling of reusable material collected.

BOS is able to process waste slurry to produce a dry, stackable solid that is easily removed from site and clean water. This clean water can be reused in operation or discharged in an environmentally friendly manner. Our technology and expertise produces cost effective solutions for dewatering municipal wastewater sludge and storm water catch basins. By minimizing liquid waste disposal and maximizing cost savings for our customers, we’ve made significant positive impacts on sewage dewatering projects, storm water catch basin clean outs and other municipal projects.

We understand the unique challenges of municipal projects and we want to assist you on your next project.