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    As a leader in solids control, environmental services and drilling waste management, BOS Solutions is focused on reducing drilling waste haul off, while giving back reusable drilling fluid.

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We excel in maintaining drilling fluid rheology and managing the waste stream generated from the drilling process. Every project is unique, whether you need dry, stackable waste that can be easily removed from a job site while recycling as much drilling fluid as possible. BOS Solutions is focused on lowering disposal costs and improved drilling performance.


Maintain, Reduce, Recycle, and Return

BOS Solutions has proven success in maintaining mud system rheology, reducing haul off, recycling drilling fluid, and returning clean water while drilling with water based mud. We have developed environmentally friendly solutions to deal with the most challenging solids control issues and waste disposal problems. BOS systems are unique due to their scalable and flexible design, particularly their ability to adapt to a wide variety of fluid types and process requirements. We are relied upon by our customers for our technical knowledge, years of experience, and well-trained people dedicated to getting the job done right. From solids control during the drilling process to assisting processing facilities with dewatering, you can rely on BOS Solutions for your solids control and drilling waste management needs.


Our Systems Are A Perfect Fit

One of our premier environmental services is our closed loop drilling systems. These systems eliminate the need for reserve pits and easily adapt to manage a wide variety of fluid types and process requirements. We have specially designed our systems to optimize safe operations and minimize our footprint at your job site, rig up faster than our competition, and seamlessly adapt to drilling rig configurations.

When you partner with BOS Solutions you get a business partner with experience in the industry, in house engineering support, and a dedication to environmentally friendly drilled solids solutions!